November 08 2018

Vulnerability Management Software: An essential piece of the security puzzle

  No single security solution can make a network safe from all attacks. Firewalls and IPS’ (intrusion protection systems) can’t keep workstations free of viruses and malware. Antivirus can’t protect the data on a database server. Essentially, it’s a matter of balancing multiple solutions. To understand how these solutions complement each other, we need to look at some of the most common security s...
October 22 2018

5 Simple and Effective Tips to Protect from Cyber Attacks for Cyber Security Awareness Month

  Security Experts from Beyond Security Recommends how simple precautions can save millions. SAN JOSE , CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2018 / —  For Immediate Release 5 Simple and Effective Tips to Protect from Cyber Attacks for Cyber Security Awareness Month  
October 12 2018

India’s online festive sales are a happy hunting ground for cybercriminals

  Don’t let the online shopping mania blind you to a lurking threat: cyberattacks. Both Amazon’s Great Indian Festive sale and Flipkart’s Big Billion Days (BBD) began earlier this week, latching on to the biggest shopping season in the country. The hyper-sales period is expected to draw 20 million online shoppers, a 54% jump up from last year. In any case, since Flipkart’s BBD was first introduced...
October 10 2018

The Facebook breach: A tale of two extreme views

  OP-ED WRITTEN BY AVIRAM JENIK, CEO BEYOND SECURITY Recently, Facebook suffered their largest breach ever; it is a big deal when one of the largest technology companies in the world can be the target of such a breach — more so when it’s a company that has access to our very personal and confidential data. It is simply not acceptable and regardless of what your views might be on security preventio...
September 28 2018

Aviram Jeenik, CEO of Beyond Security's Exclusive Interview with Hong Kong Media

  剛剛完成的 BeVX Conference,分享技術,推動黑客文化。除了本地研究團隊 VXRL,另一重要主辦單位就是Beyond Security,其 CEO Aviram Jenik 絕對是黑客文化支持者,遊走於商業與黑客社群之間,既賺錢亦幫黑客(有時叫 Researcher)搭橋舖路。
September 13 2018

Analyzing the Marriott/SPG Integration: Success, Failure or Something In-Between?

  If you’ve been off the grid for the last three-and-a-half weeks, Saturday, August 18 marked the official launch of the combined Marriott, Ritz-Carlton and SPG program. This was a long time coming: The merger between the companies was approved by shareholders in April 2016, full details on the combined program were released in April 2018 and roughly four months later, the integration started
September 04 2018

Beyond Security Announces Hack2Win eXtreme at the beVX Conference in Hong Kong

 San Jose, CA September 4, 2018– Beyond Security, a leading provider for automated security testing solutions including vulnerability management announced that along with organizing security conference beVX in Hong Kong, taking place on September 20-21 this year, it will also be hosting its Hack2Win eXtreme contest that offers up to $500, 000 in prizes.
August 23 2018

We’ll Be Paying With Body-Implanted Credit Cards in 2 Years, Author Says

 The future of credit cards won’t just be entirely cardless — it will involve microchips implanted in our bodies, according to a tech journalist and self-described futurist.
July 27 2018

Canon IT Solutions Inc Japan Joins Beyond Security as Technology Partner

  CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2018 / --  Beyond Security, a leading provider for automated security testing solutions including vulnerability management announced their technology partnership with Canon IT Solutions Inc, a Japan based System integration Solution Corporation that offers Consulting, Construction, Operation management, Maintenance service and IT in...
July 10 2018

Beyond Security Offers Network Vulnerability Assessment and Management

  Beyond Security Offers Network Vulnerability Assessment and Management
July 09 2018

Top 10 Penetration Testing Tools | 2018

  A penetration test – often called a “pentest” for short – is a test that involves simulating an attack on the network, both internally and externally, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of its security system. Such a test can reveal vulnerabilities in the system, which can be attended to and fixed immediately. Six penetration testing tools – Nmap, Metasploit Nessus, Wireshark, Aircrack-ng an...
July 03 2018

Beyond Security Announces Technology Partnership with CyberGuardAU

  CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 3, 2018 / -- San Jose, CA July 2, 2018 – Beyond Security, a leading provider for automated security testing solutions including vulnerability management announced their technology partnership with CyberGuardAU, an Australia based security solutions company that helps businesses across Australia by providing them with industry leading, r...
May 24 2018

Beyond Security’s High Accuracy Static Application Security Testing Tool beSOURCE? Named Hottest Products at RSA 2018

  SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2018 / --  San Jose, CA - beSOURCE? was named as one of the hottest new cyber security products at the RSA 2018 in a list published by CSO Magazine Beyond Security is a leading provider of automated security testing solutions including vu...
May 07 2018

Founder and CEO of Beyond Security Aviram Jenik tells us about the founding story of the company and why they decided to tackle vulnerabilities.

  Founder and CEO of Beyond Security Aviram Jenik tells us about the founding story of the company and why they decided to tackle vulnerabilities. Jenik goes on to explain that with everything moving toward IoT these days, they have developed automated security testing tools that can find security holes in any device.
May 04 2018

VP of Business Development at Beyond Security Hamid Karimi discusses the future of vulnerability management

  VP of Business Development at Beyond Security Hamid Karimi discusses the future of vulnerability management and explains how technology such as patching needs to be more automated and better integrated for the modern threat landscap
May 03 2018

Can we please stop mocking compliance?

  By Aviram Jenik -- I don’t know if Panera Bread was SOX/PCI compliant, but I doubt it really matters. Like many other security professionals, I don’t see being compliant as a magical shield against attacks. But I also didn’t appreciate all the mocking that took place once Panera was breached. It’s true that being compliant doesn’t guarantee you will never be breached but did anyone ever claim th...
May 02 2018

Noam Rathaus, CTO and Co-Founder of Beyond Security to Speak About OEM and Code Reuse at PHDAYs and NOPCon in May

  San Jose, CA –Noam Rathaus, CTO and the Co-Founder of Beyond Security, a leading provider of automated security testing solutions including vulnerability management, will be speaking at PHDays in Moscow, Russia on May 15th, 2018 and at NOPCon in Istanbul, Turkey on May 3rd though the 5th. His lecture titled “How Code reuse and OEM deals can make you a happy and rich bug bounty researcher” will f...
May 02 2018

Over a Million Dasan Routers Vulnerable to Remote Hacking

  Researchers have disclosed the details of two unpatched vulnerabilities that expose more than one million home routers made by South Korea-based Dasan Networks to remote hacker attacks. In a blog post published on Monday, vpnMentor revealed that many Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network (GPON) routers, which are used to provide fiber-optic Internet, are affected by critical vulnerabilities. T...
April 17 2018

Hottest cybersecurity products at RSA 2018

  The RSA Conference has become a key venue for cybersecurity vendors to announce new products. Here are a few of the most interesting new tools being shown there. By Peter Sayer ,   IDG News Service - Paris bureau chief, CSO 
April 16 2018

AVDS ? is now BeSeCURE? - Beyond Security Announces Name Change of its Flagship Product

  San Jose, CA – Beyond Security, a leading provider of automated security testing solutions including vulnerability management announced the name change of AVDS? to beSECURE? that will now include new capabilities in vulnerability assessment and will feature new GUI that will provide a new look and even better usability. “Beyond Security has adopted this new name as a statement of the brand value...
April 09 2018

SecurityWeek's ICS Cyber Security Conference Returns to Singapore With Strong Lineup

  SecurityWeek’s ICS Cyber Security Conference, the premier industrial and critical infrastructure cyber security conference series, returns to Singapore for a three-day event packed with talks from world-renowned experts, unfettered panel discussions, workshops, new research, new technologies, and international networking. The conference takes place on April 24-26 at the Fairmont Singapore.
April 05 2018

Demystifying AI in Cybersecurity by Hamid Karimi

  By Hamid Karimi It goes without saying that Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine intelligence, is at the forefront of technological discourse and its impact on DevOps and particularly in IT automation cannot be understated. Even though AI has come of age and crossed the threshold of symbolic meaning to achieve practical implementations, in most cases the term reflects nothing more than an abs...
April 02 2018

Real Vs. Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity Assessing the Complexity of AI and Security

  By Hamid Karimi Cognitive dissonance in the cybersecurity space is prevalent; most of us are predisposed to subscribe to a given hypothesis and justify it through selective adoption of conforming data. Nowhere is this more applicable than the discussion surrounding the role of artificial or machine intelligence in creating the NexGen cybersecurity. The presumed role of artificial intelligence (A...
March 28 2018


    20 security experts discuss the best practices for enterprise cyber hygiene. Cyber hygiene is all about following sound security practices that aid in boosting an organization's overall security posture. This entails everything from password creation to awareness of phishing attacks as well as the practices carried out by IT staff, such as updating software and patching vulnerabilities to miti...
March 26 2018

Beyond Security to Unveil A High Accuracy Static Application Security Testing (SAST) Tool, beSOURCE? at RSA 2018

    CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2018 / -- San Jose, CA 3/26/2018– Beyond Security, a leading provider of automated security testing solutions including vulnerability management will be launching its source code testing tool called beSOURCE? at the RSA 2018 in San Francisco, CA. beSOURCE? is designed to be integrated at every step of the SDLC, which leads to few...
March 16 2018

The Containerization of Artificial Intelligence

  By Hamid Karimi -  AI automates repetitive tasks and alleviates mundane functions that often haunt decision makers. But it's still not a sure substitute for security best practices.   Artificial intelligence (AI) holds the promise of transforming both static and dynamic security measures to drastically reduce organizational risk exposure. Turning security policies into operational code is a daun...
February 09 2018

Peer into the Future: Our Digital Transformation Crystal Ball

  The crystal ball is a fitting symbol for digital transformation, since at the core of data analytics and predictive maintenance is being able to see into the future. We may not be looking into this modern crystal ball with the traditional questions about romance or children or adventure, but we are trying to determine how to get rich. With that in mind, we solicited predictions from some of the ...
January 30 2018


  ASUS released patches for over a dozen router models on Tuesday that are each vulnerable to multiple firmware flaws that when combined give a local unauthenticated attacker the ability to execute commands as root on targeted devices. Routers models patched by ASUS are RT-AC88U, RT-AC3100, RT-AC86U, RT-AC68U and RT-AC66U. The flaw is related to ASUS firmware AsusWRT (versions before
January 25 2018

10 new VM escape vulnerabilities discovered in VirtualBox

  Oracle has released patches for ten vulnerabilities in VirtualBox which allow attackers to break out of guest operating systems and attack the host operating system that VirtualBox runs on. Exploits using this method, known as a "virtual machine escape," have been the subject of intense interest among security researchers following the disclosure of the Venom vulnerability in 2015.    
January 23 2018

Securing the Network: Six Steps to Success for Hotels and Restaurants

  mproving data security must remain a priority for hotel and restaurant operators alike. Consider the statistics: According to the Trustwave ( 2017 Global Security Report, corporate and internal networks were the most frequently breached technology environments last year, accounting for 43% of  incidents investigated by the company and representing a 3% increase over 2015. Incid...
December 26 2017

An Interview with Aviram Jenik from Beyond Security

  Podcast Ep. 4 For our fourth and last podcast of the year, we are very happy to have Aviram Jenik, who has been involved in the fields of encryption, security vulnerabilities detection and research from the early days. Aviram is the founder of Beyond Security, a cyber security company that develops vulnerability assessment tools used by governments and companies worldwide to secure their network...
December 21 2017

Best practices for NextGen banking security

  By Hamid Karimi  Massive breaches in the finance industry have moved banks to wake up—albeit slowly—and view security in a different light. Meanwhile, the financial sector’s pace of innovation will surely accelerate: The resulting technology storm will sweep away fickle players who fail to fathom the ramifications for operations and security. This creates a see-saw dichotomy: As branch banking f...
December 17 2017

Hacked Pacemaker Anyone? By Hamid Karimi, December 17, 2017

  Recently the WannaCry ransomware crippled the U.K. National Health System (NHS) denying millions of patients’ access to their personal and privileged medical information. The proliferation of medical devices, networked and stand-alone, wired and wireless, represents the emergence of an attack surface ripe for exploitation by nefarious characters    
December 15 2017

Beyond Security Announces Six Security Predictions for 2018

  San Jose, CA June 15, 2017 – Beyond Security, a leading provider for automated security testing solutions including vulnerability management announced their cyber security predictions for 2018. “Beyond Security has been on the frontlines of detecting, assessing and managing security vulnerabilities since 1999. Our groundbreaking work in discovering hundreds of zero-day threats and bringing that ...
December 13 2017

A Holiday Message From Aviram Jenik - CEO and Co-Founder of Beyond Security

  The holidays are here again. This is the time for reflection on what we’ve accomplished so far as well as looking ahead towards the future on what still needs to be done. At Beyond Security, we measure ourselves by how well we help our customers reduce their security risks and help them mitigate their vulnerabilities. This year, we helped tens of thousands of organizations strengthen their netwo...
November 29 2017

How to protect your credit card online

  Keep your credit card details away from prying eyes and avoid fraudulent transactions with these tips for shopping online. It pays to protect yourself when shopping online to avoid getting more than you bargained for. With high-profile data breaches potentially affecting millions of people, here are some card-specific tips to keep in mind when virtually swiping your plastic.  
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