Automated Vulnerability Assessment Tools

下彩网昂 beSECURE (AVDS) is a vulnerability assessment tool for networks of 50 to 2M nodes. It performs an in-depth inspection for security weaknesses that can substantially reduce the cost of, and in some cases replace penetration testing. With each scan it will automatically find new equipment and services and add them to the inspection schedule.

It then tests every node based on its characteristics and reports its responses to reveal security issues in equipment, operating systems and applications.You set the IP range to investigate and in a matter of hours and with no network down time or interruption of services our vulnerability assessment tool will generate detailed reports specifying network security weaknesses.

Our database of tests is updated daily with the most recently discovered security vulnerabilities. The beSECURE (AVDS) database includes over 10,000 known vulnerabilities and the updates include discoveries by our own team and those discovered by corporate and private security teams around the world.

Simple, Fast and Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment

Manual vulnerability assessment tools are problematic for complicated networks due to expensive man-hours and are infrequently used. Assessment tools can be time consuming to set up and operate, plagued by high false positive rates and cause network resource issues.

Automated Testing Using beSECURE (AVDS):

    • Gets your tactical security work done routinely and quickly
    • Provides the fixes you and your staff need for fast mitigation
    • Buys you time to focus on security strategy
    • Automatically scans new equipment, ports and applications
    • Scales to handle multiple networks, business units, countries
    • Reduces your patch-work by identifying exactly what is needed

Network Security and Compliance Challenges

The frequency and increasing severity of today's security threats are forcing companies to:

    • Simplify PCI-DSS, SOX and HIPAA compliance
    • Strengthen current network security processes and procedures to protect against attacks by both external and internal threats
    • Deploy new security solutions that span the entire network
    • Restrict customer and partner access and permissions
    • Respond to "Security Compliance" mandates, IT upgrades and internal policy changes
    • Perform more frequent penetration tests.


Automated vulnerability assessment tool

beSECURE (AVDS) conducts automated vulnerability assessment scans daily, weekly or monthly, or on ad-hoc basis. It records results and generates vulnerability trends for your entire WAN a LAN or single IP address. With three levels of reporting, each business unit can receive a report on it's own network and local results can be combined into a company wide picture.

Know what you are up against

Pinpoint your most vulnerable IPs by either a ranked list or graph. Use beSECURE (AVDS) to identify exactly which patches, solutions and workarounds to install. Re-scan networks and hosts after solutions have been implemented to verify and document compliance and remediation.


Solutions to vulnerabilities delivered

Each beSECURE (AVDS) report contains the exact solutions to repair the problems found. This in-depth information shows how to fix and improve the security of your network, both as whole and for each of the devices in it. The recommended solutions include device specific information as well as custom tailored solutions for your environment.

Manage vulnerabilities across the enterprise

Whether your network is as small as one LAN or involves hundreds of business units separated by firewalls, or even continents, all testing and report generation can be managed from one location. Individual reports can be automatically delivered to each business unit. Multiple scanners can be used to overcome bandwidth restrictions, network segmentation or to load balance and provide fault tolerance.


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